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Who We Are

Ovocan specializes in delivering software solutions.

We have delivered and continue to deliver solutions for telecommunications, automotive, IoT, healthcare, both for startups and large companies.


Building software products for network management, service provisioning, customer portals, and technical support systems.


Developing software solutions for medical record management, telemedicine, hospital and healthcare facility management systems.


Creating software solutions for automotive applications including vehicle diagnostics, infotainment systems, telematics, connected car solutions, autonomous driving software, and fleet management systems.

Internet of Things

Developing software solutions for IoT platforms, device connectivity, data management, remote monitoring, and control systems for various industries such as smart homes, smart cities, industrial IoT, and healthcare IoT.

Manufacturing and Industrial

Creating software solutions for process automation, supply chain management, quality control, and equipment monitoring.


Developing software products for e-commerce management, inventory management, sales tracking and analysis, and online trading platforms.

Finance and Banking

Creating software products for financial management, online banking, payment systems, risk management, and financial trading.

Logistics and Transportation

Designing software solutions for logistics management, cargo tracking, route optimization, warehouse management systems, and transportation networks.

Customized solutions for your satisfaction

With an individual approach to each project and flexibility in our work, our software house always adapts to your needs and requirements, ensuring that you’re completely satisfied with the results!

Current number of developers who can provide solutions for you
Years of experience in Java
Years of experience in C/C++
Most of us have at least 5 years of experience in software design and development.
What We Do

End-to-end project development: C++, Java, web, and legacy system revitalization

We offer project development services in diverse industries, covering C++, Java, and web technologies. Additionally, we specialize in revitalizing legacy C++ projects, breathing new life into outdated software systems.

Project Development C++, Java, Web Technologies.

We develop projects across various industries, utilizing C++, Java, and web technologies. Our team creates innovative software solutions that align with client needs and contemporary development trends.

Legacy System Upgrades with C++ Specialization.

We specialize in upgrading and modernizing outdated systems built on C++. Our team conducts analysis, refactoring, and introduces enhancements to make the system efficient and compatible with modern requirements.

Software Design & Development Revitalizing Legacy C/C++ Java Software Design & Development Revitalizing Legacy C/C++ Java

What We Use

C/C++ and Java experts with 5+ years of software design and development experience


With C/C++, we excel in creating efficient and high-performance software solutions. Its low-level capabilities and versatility make it ideal for system-level programming and resource-constrained environments.


Java is our forte, enabling us to develop robust and platform-independent software applications. Its object-oriented nature, extensive libraries, and automatic memory management simplify development and enhance scalability.

What Experience We Have

Experience that is evident at every step of the process.

Most of us have at least 5 years of experience in software design and development. Each of us has created non-commercial projects, because programming is not only our job but also our hobby. We have created software from scratch to deployment and also participated in delivering solutions to products already on the market. We have carried out comprehensive projects independently and cooperated with developers and testers of our clients. We owe our mastery in our craft to our passion for coding and our desire to co-create your vision.

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